SEO for Realtors Showcase Experiences Over Location

SEO for Realtors Showcase Experiences Over Location

These days, where you live has never been more important to your quality of life. Since the stay-at-home orders were put in place, more and more people have been realizing that loving your home and the experience that comes along with it are vital to one’s happiness. Realtors are taking notice and opting to showcase experiences associated with their listings over only the location alone. In this blog, we will go over the key SEO benefits for realtors and how they can benefit your listings and get you more clients who are happy and satisfied with their new homes.

Why SEO for Realtors Is Important

SEO or search engine optimization is vital for any business that functions online, and nowadays having a website that brings in business is almost a requirement. Having good SEO for your real estate website allows you to get more eyes on your site which leads to increased business. This is done through a variety of tactics that we will go over in this blog. It gets your website to the top of the search engine of potential clients. 2020 National Association of Realtors (NAR) report showed that more than 50% of homeowners are buying houses that they found online, making it vital that realtors make the most of SEO services.

How Can Realtors make the most of SEO?

Real Estate SEO Services are the SEO strategies that are area-specific content which helps potential clients find homes that are geographically relevant to their searches. You can use the following tactics to enhance your local SEO strategies.

  • Making the most of keywords, or search words: These are words or phrases that are associated with the location and or experiences related to your listing. They help the right clientele find your listing and bring exponentially higher views and business to your webpage.
  • Making your website user-friendly: This means creating a website that has link flow and clarity for people who are interested in your listings. You don’t want to have slow-loading pages or too many links that take the user away from listings of your properties. This helps keep clients engaged with your products and minimizing the number of clicks.
  • Mobile Optimization: Creating a website that is accessible from a mobile deceive. Now that most of us are using our phones for research you need to have a website that is legible and clear from a phone.

How Can Realtors Use SEO to Showcase Experiences?

Through the use of keywords, realtors can emphasize experiences associated with properties, for example, “Great Hiking Nearby” or “5-minute drive to the ocean”. Although these aren’t specific to location, they can attract the right person to your property. These make your properties one-of-kind listings and may have more buying power than you’d think. In 2021, the amount of searches for unique listings for Airbnb has grown 94%, compared to 2019. If you are overwhelmed with your SEO needs, there are companies like Stephanie Marie Marketing who can help you make the most out of your listings.

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