How to Do Your Own Keyword Research

How to Do Your Own Keyword Research

Creating an online marketing strategy requires multiple tactics, most importantly is the use of keywords to achieve high rates of online traffic. Doing keyword research isn’t as difficult as it sounds, and a lot of it can be done on your own with consumer demographic research and keyword research tools. This article discusses how to discover the right keywords, how to track the traffic they create, and how to find the right keyword phrases, and how to rank for those keywords.

Step 1: Finding Keywords

The first thing you need to do in your research is to discover what keywords will work for your business. This can often be the most overwhelming part of keyword research, but there is an easy way to create phrases that make sense and get increased traffic for your site. Before you start to use keyword research tools, brainstorm what your company or business offers, as well as where you are located. Once you have this list, called the seed keyword list, you can create lots of other keywords that are similar but not quite the same. You then check their functionality in one of the keyword research tools you can find online.

Step 2: Using a Keyword Research Tool

When you have your list of keywords that pertain to your business, there are a variety of keyword research tools that you can use to discover which will bring you the most online traffic. These tools take the research a step further and show you which keywords have a high search volume, with the lowest competition in online searches. You want to find keyword phrases that incorporate multiple keywords and locations, while still being organic searches. Organic search means that potential consumers would naturally use these keywords in their search engine, so always consider whether you would search this when picking phrases.

Step 3: Long Tail Keywords

Once you have a specific and extensive list of keywords, you want to begin placing them into long-tail keywords, which are phrases made up of three to five words that are more specific than generic. These target an online consumer demographic that is specific to your company. Long-tail keywords are far more likely to lead to business than keywords alone, and that’s why this step is considered one of the most important.

Step 4: Consult A Company If You Need To

It’s important to use keywords in research for what is working for other companies, so you know what to do and what to steer clear of. Consulting a marketing agency that specializes in keyword research is helpful especially if you haven’t done this before as they’ve helped lots of businesses just like yours. Even one or two meetings about strategy will help you lay out a plan and know what you can do in your own time.

The process of keyword research is important to your company’s website traffic, and we hope this helps you with the first steps in acquiring higher traffic volume and new business.

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