How to Add Personalization In Your SEO Strategy 

How to Add Personalization In Your SEO Strategy 

SEO strategy and digital marketing campaigns have to be unique to the consumer in order to see engagement, particularly at a time when every company is trying to make the most of its online presence. Adding personalization to your SEO strategy can give your target audience the chance to see a company’s humanness, and feel that they are understood. Here, we’ll show how to tailor your marketing to your consumers’ unique interests and preferences.

Figure Out Your Target Demographic

Figuring out what the buyer persona is for your target audience is necessary to create personalized marketing strategies. You’ll want to know everything from their age, gender, and occupation, to where they live, to their interests, and their online behavior both with your company and others. This data is vital to SEO and your marketing strategy.

Use Personalized Search

If you’re wondering what personalized search is, you’re not alone! Many companies don’t understand the importance of personalized search and how it can turn website visitors into repeat customers. Personalized search refers to tailoring product advertising using the data above, a customer’s search history, the frequency they visit a site, as well as items they’ve previously bought. It allows consumers to feel that companies understand their tastes and what they’re looking for. Personalized search helps reduce bounce from sites and increase conversion rates.

Create Content Tailored To Your Demo

There are many ways a company can tailor content based on what they’ve discovered about their audience. From where the customer is within the buyers’ cycle, such as free trials for the products/services they offer, demos of how it works, and samples that can push them from a potential customer to a brand loyalist. Companies can also tailor content based on their demographic, browsing history, age/gender, etc. Ex: if there was a female consumer in her 30s companies could send items relating to weddings or baby showers, or a customer whose search history was a lot of oceans/lakes could be targeted with rafting or surfing gear.

Automated Behavior Marketing

There are automated marketing materials companies send when a customer behaves in a certain way. Ex: if a customer hasn’t responded to the company, but then does, companies can use promos or email marketing directed to get them back to the site. Or, if there was an “abandoned cart” one could send promos and discounts for their products.

Post Sale Customer Service

After a consumer makes a purchase, companies should personalize their aftercare engagement, and this should go far beyond using their name. Being aware of their purchase history and their engagement on social media platforms surrounding the brand can help customers feel supported and increase their connection with the company. It also gives businesses a chance to fix any issues or offer support when needed.

Personalizing your SEO strategy leads to increased engagement, conversion rate, and sales overall. Most importantly, personalizing your digital marketing strategy increases loyalty for your brand, as consumers are more likely to shop with a brand that offers a tailored experience.

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