SEO Tips You Can Implement Today to Improve Search Results with Stephanie Long 

SEO Tips You Can Implement Today to Improve Search Results with Stephanie Long 
Improve Search Results

5/24/22 | 17:48 | Ep 35

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What if you could be hanging out with your family, sleeping, or even on vacation while dream clients find your site and sign up to work with you? That is exactly what good SEO and a strategic website can do for you!

Ensuring you set up your SEO in the right way and choose the keywords that best represent your business is essential. On today’s episode, I’m chatting with Stephanie Long of Stephanie Marie Marketing on why SEO is important and tips you can implement today to improve your SEO.

In today’s episode we covered:

  • Why SEO is so important
  • Difference between short- and long-tail keywords
  • How you can improve your website SEO
  • The importance of image SEO
  • Quick SEO wins you could do today
  • Why blogging is important for SEO
  • Where you can submit your blog to help with SEO
  • How an SEO specialist can help your business scale

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