How to Market to Cruise Ship Passengers Through SEO

How to Market to Cruise Ship Passengers Through SEO

The cruise ship industry has historically relied on what we now know to be antiquated marketing mediums for example radio, tv, and print. This, along with the events of the last year, has led many cruise lines to have lowered engagement which leads to lower booking numbers. Now companies are changing course and implementing Cruise Lines SEO as well as new innovative digital marketing strategies. In 2022, the cruise line companies who are doing this are picking up where they left off and seeing increased booking numbers with every day that passes. Cruising ship companies are utilizing SEO engagement strategies and see amazing results so, in this article, we’ll go over how your company can market to cruise ship passengers through SEO.

Why Digital Marketing and SEO Matters

Within the digital space and particularly social media, cruise lines can connect to a group of the population that has untapped financial potential. When considering that historically the main consumers of cruise lines are over 45 years of age, it makes sense that companies would focus on more traditional means of marketing. But as that population ages, they already have the companies they buy from, and so to get new consumers, the marketing strategies have to change. Nearly 50% of social media users are under 45 years old, and this group hasn’t had any engagement or targeted marketing from companies that offer cruises. This means that companies who market to a younger generation would have access to a whole new subsect of consumers, who have the time, money, and interest in travel but simply aren’t getting the marketing attention they need to generate sales.

How to Implement SEO Strategies For Passengers

SEO engagement strategies are more than just the use of keywords on a website, creating a higher ranking on search engines being used by consumers. SEO strategies can be implemented on social media, as the more engagement between companies and their customers the better search engine optimization your business will see. Everything from posting reviews, reposting stories or pictures from customers, and commenting on other similar business profiles will help cruise lines get access to this untapped market.

Companies can also post offers, promotions, and discounts on social media platforms that are then shared between friends and family thus broadening the reach of a company’s marketing. Get creative with social media posts by providing travel advice from cruise line destinations, writing blogs about how to make the most of cruise, and providing customer service online in a mobile media format.

All of these things together create a marketing strategy that’s not only innovative but speaks to a younger generation. A generation who’s just coming into having the financial means to take trips but haven’t yet found their “trusted” travel business.

Digital Marketing for Cruise Lines

If your cruise line company is looking to increase your digital marketing, you may need access to information and strategies you don’t yet possess. SMM offers digital expertise in building outreach to new consumers and generating higher search rankings for travel companies.

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